Our Services

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Avans Tax is the go-to place for all your outsource accounting needs.

Without proper bookkeeping, you can’t have proper financials.

Accounting and bookkeeping are the heart of our business. Whether you need us to serve as your accounting department, or support your existing accounting team, we can do it all.

Our team can manage your payroll, make sure your checks go out on time, reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards, take care of data entry and more.

In addition, we can help you set up management tools that will enable you to streamline your financials and increase efficiency in your business.

Now more than ever, how your financial affairs are managed from a personal and professional standpoint needs to be carefully considered from a tax perspective. Avans Tax offers the thoughtful, detailed strategies you need to maximize tax benefits and minimize liabilities. 

Our approach to providing tax services including tax compliance, tax planning, state & local tax and international tax is hands-on. Your engagement team does more than just prepare tax returns behind the scenes at the end of your tax period. We listen, ask questions and invest the time required to understand your business throughout the year.

With this service, we become part of your team by involving ourselves in the cash flow maintenance of your organization. Not only do we handle all accounting, bill pay and payroll issues for the company, but we also meet regularly with the key team to bring clarity as to how financial numbers help your company operate more effectively. 

We’ll analyze processes, then we’ll propose how we’ll become more a part of your company by handling all of your internal financial affairs.